Nature Hunt

Designing a scavenger hunt experience that connects people with nature through play, outdoor exploration and social interaction


UX + UI Design


Individual assignment


UX Research • UX Design • Interaction Design • Visual Design


Sketch • Balsamiq • Flinto • Affinity Designer

About the Project

I completed this project as an individual assignment for the UX Designer course at CareerFoundry.The project allowed me to acquire hands-on experience in different UX roles such as Research, Interaction Design and Visual Design. The following case study will showcase the skills and knowledge I have gained during this course.


  • Design a scavenger hunt on the go that can be played as an outdoor activity with friends at a range of physical locations
  • Compile a case study to describe the design process and showcase skills gained throughout the course

Main Features

Go on adventures

Players can find their next adventure using easy-to-search maps that uncover hunts ready to be played in their area and beyond.

Learn through discovery

With each discovery, players learn more about the wonders of nature while building an adventurer logbook and sharing achievements with friends.

Reveal hidden wonders

Players immerse themselves in an augmented reality journey through the surrounding ecosystem and its hidden wonders.

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